Some more tweaks

I had a few things bugging me that I needed to fix. First was the window setting not working, it make the window blank if set to false. It should… Read more »

Math Quiz

So I’m heading back to school to get degree in Computer Information Science, but first I need to get my GED. So I’m taking classes since it’s been 20 years… Read more »

MajorMud SwingCalc

So these last couple days been working on a very simple swing calculator for MajorMud. It a pretty simple Java app that will take a capture of some combat, parse… Read more »

Finished up Goslink

So added defaults and cleaned up some of the messy code a little today. Actually I just added the defaults to the default text of each text field. So if… Read more »

Started a redesign

So I have used this as a static website. But I never had a place to post and talk about all my small projects. I have Realms of Fallen Heroes… Read more »